Early Cancellations: In-home Appointments
  • 20 Mar 2024
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Early Cancellations: In-home Appointments

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Article summary

Providers are allowed a certain number of in-app cancellations within 90 days, referred to as early cancellations. Cancellations can be made more than 2 hours before the appointment start time or 24 hours before the Partner opportunity.

If you have exhausted your allotted cancellations within the app and need to remove yourself from an upcoming appointment, please Contact Us.

Please note, provider-initiated cancellations will count against your reliability rate.

TardiesEarly CancellationsLate CancellationsNo Show
1+ (Email Warning)1+ (Email Warning)1+ (Email Warning)1+ (Email Warning)
3+ (Account Review)3+ (7-day Suspension)3+ (7-day Suspension)2+ (14-Day Suspension)
4+ (3-day suspension)5+ (14-day Suspension)5+ (14-day Suspension)3+ (Account Review + 30-day Suspension)
8+ (Removal)8+ (Removal)8+ (Removal)5+ (Removal)

Please note that provider-initiated cancellations will reset automatically after 90 days. For instance, if you receive a warning for late cancellations within a month, we will reset your cancellation status internally after 90 days to ensure you are not further penalized.

Tips and reminders:

✅ Only accept appointments that you can complete
📲 Contact your client via the Inbox to advise if you're running late due to traffic or weather conditions. Communication is key!
😊 Always be courteous and respectful of your client's time. If you provide the client with enough notice, they may be willing to reschedule for a different time or date.

  • Please refer to your Provider Agreement located in the Provider App for further details.

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