Creating a shift
  • 09 Jun 2023
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Creating a shift

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You can create and offer a shift to your list of preferred providers that have already been approved by your Account manager.

Find yourself creating shifts regularly using the same details/times?
Ask your account manager about creating templates to recreate shifts easily and efficiently.

How to create a shift

Step 1: Spa Staffing

Once logged into the portal, select "Spa Staffing" in the portal menue.

Step 2: Click "Create Shift"

Click the blue "Create shift" button in the upper right hand corner.

Step 3: Enter Shift Information

Complete the shift details as outlined in the shift details page.

Step 4: Send Offers

Once you've completed a shift, you can send this shift out to your preferred providers. As providers respond to your request, you will see the status in the shift details page.

Shift Statuses

After a shift is created, it will be assigned a status. This status will change over time as the shift is filled, edited, and completed.


A user who is not approved to post shifts has requested to create this shift.


This is an approved shift, ready to be sent to providers.


A shift that has been denied by a property admin.


A shift that has been modified byut is not yet completed.


A shift that has been completed.

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