Adding team members and roles
  • 24 Apr 2023
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Adding team members and roles

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The platform allows you to manage your team members easily. You have the flexibility to add team members to a single or multiple locations for a business or property. You can add multiple team members at once. Simply separate their email addresses with a comma.

Roles allow you to have complete control over the permissions within the platform.

How to Add Team Members

Step 1: Select Team

Once logged into the portal, select "Team" in the portal menue.

Step 2: Click "Invite Team Member"

Click the blue "Invite Team Member" button in the upper right hand corner.

Step 3: Enter User Information

Enter the email address of the person you wish to add to the portal.

Select the location(s) you'd liek that person to have access to.

Step 4: Select User Role

Select the user role you wish to assign to this user. See "Partner User Roles" below for more information on each role assignment.

Step 5: Send Invite

Click send invite. The invite link will expire after 24 hours. You will need to resend the invite should the invited user not setup their account with this specified time period.

Parter User Roles

Business Admin

Highest level of permission for your partner platform, across the entire business.

Property Admin

Highest level of permission for a single location.


The team member permissions will reqire approvals from admins to perform certian actions.


View only access to a specific location/property.

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